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iLifeVcare solutions Advantages

Benefits for Patients

• Personalized health app for prevention & better management of health.
• Empowering patient with convenient care delivered anytime & anywhere.
• Periodic health risk assessments with analytics, leading health monitoring to new dimension.
• Enable tele-consultation to reach out expert doctors via messaging & video consultations for follow up and continuous care.
• Connect healthcare providers like Labs, Home care, pharmacy, etc. at patient convenience.
• Medicine reminders and health alerts to monitor medical and treatment adherence.
• Secured storage and sharing of health records on mobile platform helps during emergency visits.


Benefits for Doctors

• IoT based Patient Engagement Platform to provide continuous care.
• Manage profile online to Increase reach to patients to connect anytime & anywhere.
• Answer health related queries & build trust with patients especially who seeking second opinions.
• iLifeVcare provides a complete digital practice management solution to manage appointments, billing and provide continuous care.
• Online health records gives insight of patient profile, risks and health condition for better practice focus.
• Build referral network of doctors, pharmacies, diagnostics, etc. for better care delivery.
• Be a health coach and build brand via sending health feeds.

Benefits for Healthcare organizations

• Holistic approach to improve quality of care.
• Extend reach to provide care at convenience.
• Optimize resources for better healthcare delivery.
• Tele-medicine platform to reach patients beyond boundaries.
• Engage and Build value with patients & families for better health outcome.
• Create brand and market place to reach larger users thru digital health platform.
• Provide continuous care via Mobile and digital health platform.